Monday, February 7, 2011

Images of Barbie Dolls

And here is another load of the recent work that I did taking photos of these two Barbie Dolls, by the way, thank you to the collaboration of the blog, I got the answer about the identity of the doll dressing in Green color. She is part of the Barbie holiday singing sisters 2000, which is a set of Barbie and her two little sisters, Stacey and Kelly, with a musical stairs that are part of the Doll Set and the other is Barbie Glam from the Fashionistas series.

I hope you like the photos I took! Thanks for viewing!


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  2. All pics of doll are beautifully designed by the maker. very affective work and creativity have done by the maker. I just love all the dolls and i wants these dools to gift my fiancee at this valentines day.