Thursday, January 13, 2011

how to fix Barbie hair?

If you wonder how to fix Barbie hair well, It is very easy to redo a Barbie's hair. Usually when the small girls get new Barbie dolls, they start to play a lot with them and brush them continuosly, "shower them" and eventually the Barbie Hair gets messy, tangled and matted. 

The easiest way to fix Barbie Hair, and I did it many times with the dolls I buy from the Second handed stores, is the following:

1.- Detangled Barbie hair  with a Barbie hairbrush. It really works because you cannot apply excessive strenght as with a regular sized brush, so you don't risk the doll hair structure and the head as well.(pulled many head before). You can start from the top to the bottom, but other people recommends from the bottom to the top. I do not have problem with any, but in my experience, I find from the head to the tips an easier way to detangle. The key is the patience.

Once it is kind of detangled, maybe not 100% but you see it is smoother than before, you should wash the hair. I personally use Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner as I got samples for free walking in the street on a sunday morning... but you can use any shampoo. Apply the shampoo, massage the hair, trying to take all dirt out. Rinse with luke water. Apply generously conditioner and massage until all the conditioner is spread in the barbie hair. Keep it 5 minutes and rinse it with luke water. 

 Let Barbie hair to dry, avoid hair dryer or towels. When the hair is dry you will notice a difference in the Barbie hair. Smoother and possibly a lighter colour. 

But if you want the Hair to look straight as the original  way, the way to go is to plasticy the hair again using boiling water.

So you boil some water, pour it into a bowl where you can sumerge the Barbie's head, but just the top where the hair is inserted, a proximately 30 seconds, take the head out and brush the hair. Submerge again into the boiling water and carefully keep brushing the hair while the hair is floating on the water. Bring the doll up,  holding the Barbie  from the legs, and position her  in a down 45 degrees angle and keep brushing also outside the water. Keep doing this process until  the Barbie hair is smooth to brush. BTW I do not recommend this technique for little girls, so mommy has to do it for you.

If you find easier to pour the boiled water on a plate and brush the barbies hair on the plate, DO it with the barbie upside down, holding her from the legs and the hair will be on the plate so you can brush it horizontally instead of vertically as I explained in my personal way.

Once you feel the hair is completely smooth, you brush the hair and you do not feel any knots, tangled hair, and it is soft and shiny again, means that the Barbie Hair is ready. So just leave the Barbie sitting somewhere and wait until the hair dries completely.
Easy right? enjoy your new Barbie hair to continuing brushing and playing! 

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