Thursday, January 13, 2011

how to fix Barbie hair?

If you are wondering how to fix Barbie's hair when it is full, dirty, matte?? ... You are at the right place.

We all know how the doll's hair gets damaged, specially when it is over-brushed, washed with cold water and the overtime dirt build up. 

If you like to restore Barbie Dolls, this is procedure is a MUST, speciallly with second hand Dolls.  And it goes like this:

Step 1.  Detangled Barbie's hair  with a Barbie hairbrush or a comb. Do it patiently, not forcing the hair, since you can either lose a lot of hair of break the doll neck.  Start from the bottom of the hair working your way up. The key is the patience.

Once it's detanglet we have to wash it, even if it is not 100 % detangled. Make Barbie's hair wet and pour over the hair, shampoo with conditioner. This two elements will help to detangle and also will cleanse Barbie's hair.  Use a comb and brush from the tips working your way up. Once the hair seems detangled, rinse it with luke water. 

 Step 2. The hot bath. To make Barbie's hair look new again, we are going to dip Barbie's hair in hot, almost boiling water. 

Place boiling water in a glass container, pot or a plate with some depth. Then take the barbie doll and dip her hair into the water. While the hair is in the water, try to comb the hair, with a long brush or a comb with a handle so you don't touch the hot water. Repeat this technique until you feel Barbie's hair is smooth while combing the hair.

In case Barbie's hair doesn't feel smooth, then we have to do the hot bath directly on a pot while the water is boiling. We do the same, place the doll's hair into the boiling water, and dip it for about 5 seconds. Take the hair out, comb and repeat 4 or 5 times. Avoid touching the boiling water, and submerging the full Barbie's head into the pot with boiling water, only the hair. Place special attention to the edges of the hot pot not touching Barbie's body to prevent damage to it. 

Once the hair is smooth, then leave the Barbie doll to dry at room temperature. Don't use a hair dryer. 

Hope it helps. And enjoy renewed Barbie hair. 

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